June 17, 2024


Insurance Appraisals
Insurance appraisals are the most common type of appraisals. They are used to obtain insurance coverage on existing or newly acquired jewelry. We will provide detailed documentation used to establish the approximate retail replacement value or approximate replacement value of the item(s) to be insured.

Estate Appraisals
In the event you are name executor of an estate or conservator for an individual, an estate appraisal of their jewelry may be necessary. The attorney handling probate will advise you if this is so. If the attorney deems necessary, we will prepare an estate appraisal documenting the fair market value of the included items.

Divorce/Prenup Appraisals
These appraisals can be used to document the value and identify jewelry owned by either or both parties in a prenuptial agreement or marriage dissolution. We can provide an independent evaluation to help remove the emotion from the situation.

Gem Identification
We can help answer any questions you may have on any finished gemstone. If you found something or purchased a gemstone and you need assistance or further explanation, we can help.

Hypothetical Appraisals
These are appraisals performed after an unscheduled item has been stolen or lost. We will interview the client and produce a report using their description of the item as a basis for valuation and replacement. We will work directly with the adjuster to resolve any issues that may arise.

Liquidation Reports
These are normally used during bankruptcy or liquidation of business assets. We can go to the location of the jewelry, whether it is in a bank vault, individual’s home, place of business or your conference room to conduct the appraisal.

**If you do not see the service you are requesting please feel free to contact us as there are many other services we offer that are not listed.